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About Me

“With a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, I am grateful to assist you in this journey towards your TRUE self!”

My name is Claire. I am passionately living my life’s purpose of assisting others and helping them to heal and find all missing answers and life purpose.

I remember my childhood days as a girl in the countryside who was always barefoot with the wind blowing through long flowy hair. Each day was a new beginning and discovery full of excitement and miracles. The connection with myself, nature, and everything around me was divine and I savor each moment to live here and now!

I have always been curious and trusting in life, I have always known that there is more than our eyes can see and a logical mind can think.

By growing up astral traveling was a part of my night routine where I could freely get out in time and space in different realms. It was so much fun; at the same time, I was always looking for something while out there like I was missing something. I was looking for the way back home to source, that warm powerful golden light, where we all are coming from, the beginning of everything. Little did I know not everyone can astral travel, I thought it's part of us for a long time and everyone can do it.

My inner guidance, spirit guides have always been with me either I acknowledge that or sometimes not.

Over the years I lost my trust in who I really am. But by seeing and knowing, I have always been brought back to my center. I have been able to see the future with my third eye - probable and possible happenings, events, people I will meet, or how things will unfold. Most of them always come true! I have been safely guided and being connected with my Higher Self and the Universe.

As of today, we work together as ONE, my Higher Self, Spirit Guides – as I call them “cool team”. They have thought me that one can not escape from himself, each of us has a soul mission and we hold huge power in ourselves to be able to accomplish the souls' journey and lessons the soul wants to experience for a higher good. This journey should be done with love, acceptance, and compassion.

My life has been unfolding, transforming very gradually in a loving way, one step at a time, and that is how it should be for everyone if we only TRUST OUR HIGHER SELF which basically is trust in ourselves. Days become filled with joy, peace, and love, and unfold with ease. I can fully live my here and now gratefully!

My dream is to teach simplicity to humanity by simply BE and CREATE to get back to that ONENESS. Simplicity is the key to divine living on planet Earth by open heart, established high frequency, clean eating, pure thoughts.

Life on Earth is challenging which we create by dividing ourselves from Oneness. We can learn to master it and get fully connected with our Higher Self any time because we are all ONE, connected with the Universe. Let’s take our power back to live life fully in alignment and in ease.

So it becomes Irresistibly Miraculous!

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