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"Claires"- six amazing senses that we all have the ability to use.

Do you sometimes sense something without knowing just by instinct, without conscious reasoning?

People are calling it intuition!

Intuition is the flash of insight that reveals where your lost keys are. Intuition is the small quiet voice so often drowned out by the other, more insistent noises inside and out. It is the voice that advises us and to which we often say: "Later!" if only I had listened...

Basically, intuition is your Higher Self, that all-knowing part of you that is always connected with the Universal Field. The part that sees the bigger picture, your plans, and your purpose in life!

Intuition is your Higher Self, that all-knowing part of you that is always connected with the Universal Field.

We are all born with six amazing senses and we all have the ability to use them and work with them, it is only up to us if in this lifetime we will truly use our ability to learn and to master this life on Earth.

What are the six senses everyone should know about? Who can help to let your Higher Self be finally heard!

Clairvoyance - having clear seeing, someone sees through the third eye between his or her two eyes. One sees flashes, images, or something like a movie film of what is happening in the past, present, or future.

Claircognizance - having clear knowing, someone has information or knowledge of something that he or she does not actually know. Thoughts come out of nowhere, popping into one's mind, and give information about something that might happen in the future.

Clairaudience - is the intuitive ability that refers to clear hearing. Clairaudience can manifest internally, meaning heard within your mind, or externally, meaning heard as a voice or a noise outside of yourself.

Clairsentience - having a clear feeling, someone can feel the information within him or herself. An example of this would be if someone is having an anxiety attack and the clairsentience person feels this in his or her own chest.

Clairgustance - having a clear tasting, someone can taste something that isn't really there. For example, someone tastes chocolate but he or she is not actually eating any chocolate.

Clairalience - having a clear smelling, someone can smell odors that are not present. For example

this clair sense allows one to invoke memory, emotion, and even see the future based on a smell that one takes in through the senses.

How to discover which senses do you have?

Sit quietly for some time and start to feel energies around you. Look at the area where are you, scan the room and close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a few minutes. What are you sensing around you?

Perhaps you see some pictures while your eyes are closed, smell something that you know is not in the room or hear some sounds, or just suddenly you know something unexpectedly. Once you identify how you felt, you can be aware of knowing what your "Claires" are! This will start to open your Intuitive side, your connection with your Higher Self!

Have a great journey towards the discovery of your senses!

Thank you for reading, please love and share!

Love and harmony, Claire🖤

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