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Past Lives

Have you ever felt like you were someone else in another life? Or you are curious as to whether you have past lives? Who am I? Why I am here on earth? What is the purpose of it all? What happens to us when we die? Is there karma or destiny? What does it all mean?

We have been searching for answers to these powerful questions for years that would bring peace and understanding to our curious minds. By understanding the soul's journey and lessons we can set ourselves free from karma and live life purposefully.

What are the Past Lives?

Past lives are about the soul circling on its journey to discover the powerful truth of who we are, intending to become our best self and grow in the light. We manifest our issues and what we need to learn. From lifetime to lifetime, soul memories and experiences are stored within our cells and DNA, and we carry our lessons into our next stop. Some souls may relearn the same lessons over and over again in many lifetimes. Some might complete it in one lifetime and there is no need to return to Earth “ school” to learn, to overcome challenges. Instead, you can create in other realms of the Universe.

Your inner soul gets a flash that you have met these issues, problems, patterns, and characters before in your divine play and it hurts, and you want to run. But this is the time to PAUSE, take NOTES, be BRAVE and FACE the challenge.

Earth is a free-will world so before we reborn to Earth, we set up what we want to study and work on, kind of like our life plan, but by being born we forget all of this plan and live Illusion Life on Earth. You only get a glimpse that you are in a past life theme when you begin to experience familiar pain and suffering.

Your inner soul gets a flash that you have met these issues, problems, patterns, and characters before in your divine play and it hurts, and you want to run. But this is the time to PAUSE, take NOTES, be BRAVE and FACE the challenge.

How can past life trauma be seen and recognized in this life?

A past life wound may show up as a karmic illness, which is caused by energy leftover from another lifetime that is present now to balance or complete karma for an individual. When used as an opportunity for metamorphosis, karmic illness has the potential to exchange a person's path in life for their greatest benefits.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

In one of my past lives, I was a witch and was burnt alive, seconds before I landed straight on the fire where I was burning, I recognized the body shivers I have had all my life which I always thought was caused by cold weather but I was wrong it was the feeling from this traumatic experience in this past life I was about to see.

Let me explain what the word witch meant back in the years, woman could be burnt just by being different, helped others in ways that were not recognized by society, or by having books that gave knowledge. In my case, I had profound knowledge about plants and their healing benefits.

My life unfolded in a small village around the 17th century. I was living my life with my daughter and husband who was away most of the time due to his work with precious stones. When together our days were filled with joy and happiness in picnics at the nearby river where we would enjoy sunny days with some homemade herbal pies while just talking and being playful.

I would go to the store in the village to purchase the plants and always noticed that everyone looked differently to me like they are suspicious or scarred from me. I was wearing a blue apron with a skirt and white blouse and holding a basket with some white napkin in it and I had blonde hair and blue eyes.

One day a man came to my house asking for help with his elbow and the only thing I said in the session was that his eyes are lying, and I was right he was sent in to check in what way and if I could help him to heal his elbow by using plants.

In the next scene, I was already on the ground with all village jelling at me and declaring me a witch.

Not long after I was already set to burn live while the whole village had to look at that either they liked it or not, some of them were my friends but back in those days you could do nothing to save the soul or go against it. I rise above the crowd and had a wonderful life lesson to stand out and rise above.

This lesson does resonate with me in this life, I believe this lesson is something we can all take as an important message and think for ourselves and don’t believe what everyone is telling to us but live our lives and experience our lessons by our own guidance because deep inside we know what is right and good for us!

Thank you for reading! Please share and like if this resonates with you🖤

Ease into your life!

Love, Claire

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