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Clients' experiences in QHHT sessions

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hello, my name is Claire. In my very first blog post, I would like to give you more insight into the clients' experiences during Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Every session is unique and brings great understanding and healing. With every session also my conscious mind is rising to a new different level and my belief system gets stronger and stronger with each client.

Every client is very different and so is the session, this truly proves our uniqueness. Some clients are more open, some are more closed but what we all have in common and share – we are here on planet Earth to learn, experience, and by finding our purpose of life to live it fully.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

During the session, there are clients whose conscious mind stays aware of what is happening the whole session but don't interact with the Higher Self. And some clients are completely "under" and don't remember anything that has happened during the session. Either way, it is alright and a session can happen.

So what exactly is Higher Self?

It is a part of you who is always connected with the Universal field and knows everything about you, that sees the bigger picture about your life and its purpose. It is that inside voice that would tell you where is your lost keys, voice which would tell you what to do and to which often we say later, while we allow our mind and ego to dictate over us.

“The Higher Self is a part of you who is always connected with the Universal field and knows everything about you!”

Whatever will happen during the therapy, what the client will see, experience – it is always known to the client's Higher Self because it is lovingly there for the client to guide and help. Higher Self will explain, show everything depending on the list of questions that the client has written. As well as what is the best and necessary for a client to understand, heal and release. There will never be given more than a client can handle. It can be anything from past lives, events/experiences from this life, free-flowing energy in the Universe, a client can be in mother's wound, can experience life as a bird, stone, plant or even life on some other planet. It depends on what the client needs to know to help in this life.

As we carry a lots of karma from life to life, and most of us enter this current life with contracts to pay back karma and ready plan for this life, many of my clients have been shown life as a human on planet Earth. Such stories include soldiers in the first or second world war where life has been lost on the field but the traumatic experience from that life would have been carried in the body in this life.

Simple lives as farmers or as habitats in a small village, where life is passing slowly with everyday tasks, family around, in nature. As native people who have lived in the jungle under starry skies, eating berries, and have been fully surrounded by nature.

Or as free-floating energy in the Universe that vary in color with its meaning and being. Whenever I have a client who is at the Source, energy/place where we all are coming from, the beginning of everything, the golden warm white light, it is the place where clients feel the most amazing. It is pure unconditional love, overall well being, and a big happy smile on the client's face. Everyone always wants to stay there longer, it is a true reminder of the soul to what it is and where is it coming from. It is like being back truly to yourself-your home where you can just BE!

Whatever is happening in the current life of a client, there is always a deep meaningful explanation by Higher Self why it is the way it is and why they have chosen to show the client to see certain things at the session. Usually, it has something to do with illness, the trauma that has been caused by karma or the inability to let go of some happenings or just a simple reminder to remember to be happy.

While the Higher self is lovingly answering the client's questions, healing is also taking place which each client experiences differently. It feels like energy waves, pressure to show some emotions that the client needs to acknowledge and let go of, energy can change from hot to cold. Since the energy that has been brought in by Higher Self is very powerful also in the room it is possible to feel the energy change.

No matter how is your life at the moment your Higher Self is always there for you to guide you with huge love, patience, and compassion, all we have to do is just hear it and trustfully follow its guidance.


We have to remember that we all are spiritual beings in the human body and that life should be lived with love, peace, bliss, happiness, compassion to each other and ease! After all, planet Earth is a wonderful place to live, learn and love!

Thank you for reading my FIRST blog post! My next post will be about my personal QHHT sessions experience where I lived happy life as a woman in small village but life took turn when people decided that I am a witch because of my wise knowledge about plant healing benefits.

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Ease into your life!

Love, Claire

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