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Prepare For Your Session

You are a divine being. Creator of your own reality experience.

Never give away your power!

Quantum Healing which you are about to experience is transformative and life-changing. The energy and intention one puts into the preparation plays a major role in how the session will unfold. If you have ever had questions you have always wanted to be answered, this is the right time to get them answered!

By spending some time on the inside of oneself, more questions will make themselves know. Please take your time and write a list of questions and bring them with you on the session day. It is optimal to have at least 20 questions prepared. Questions can be about anything: life, relationships, career, health. There are no limits to the questions one can come up with. As a QHHT practitioner, I will assist you in finding your own answers and insights. The outcome will be mainly up to you!

Each session is very individual and may last between four to five hours. Plan your day around this session and don't schedule anything important afterward. Really take this precious time with ease for yourself!

The session will begin with us getting to know each other so I may more easily assist you throughout the hypnosis part of the session. In this part, we will go over your list of questions.

Afterward, you will be guided using words and images to bring you into a very relaxed state in which information is easily received.

Once you will reach a point in the session I will be asking you questions to your Higher Self and all questions can be answered!

Before the session, it is recommended to eat a light meal, and it is all right to have some caffeine before a session, just not too much. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Remember this is nothing to be nervous about! It will be a special time spent with your Higher Self who will answer your questions, heal and remind you of who you truly are!

Your session will be recorded and emailed to you afterward. It is very important to listen to your recording at least for three days straight after the session and more. It will help you to integrate, heal and transform all the information that Higher Self will deliver to you.

I am thankful to collaborate with your Higher Self to bring you healing, understanding, and transformation in this incredibly magical journey!

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