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 Thankful and grateful for each and every soul I have met in my practice.

I am honored to be part of your transformative journey.🖤

I discovered Dolores Cannon many, many years ago. She brought to life thoughts and ideas that I have had as a child but thought that was too inappropriate for this world. As time and life went on, I forgot about her. During the first lockdown in Canada, I finally have time to rediscover her. I had actually booked a QHHT appointment with a practitioner in Edmonton but ended up leaving for Greece before the appointment. I figured it just was not meant to

be yet! Never in a million years, I would think that I would find some in Greece, but in English as well! I had my first session last Thursday-what a ride! I want to thank Kitija Klēra (Claire) for facilitating such an incredible experience for me. The shift has been unbelievable!! If you feel called to do a session, get in touch with Kitija Klēra!!

Eleni C. Fokas

Dear Kitija, I want to express my profound gratitude for this Quantum Healing Therapy Session. It has been a transformational journey ever since. I feel less overwhelmed and more determined in my actions. The session allowed me to heal some wounds and revealed some extraordinary unexplored parts of myself. I thank you dearly and wish you the best in this great practice! Take good care.

Melina Gal

Such an interesting experience, thank you for letting to know me better, to go to a deeper level of self-recognition. Recommend to everyone who is full of questions and feels lost. Truly enjoyed the experience and thank you for your help!


I would like to thank you for the experience of this session. I did not have previous knowledge about Quantum Healing but was open and curious to try. I have found it very helpful regarding my questions. I was very confused about some part of my life, after the session, I have found the answers and I can see much more clearly what I need to do. Also, I already feel the benefits of my health! My skin problems and pain have not come back yet. Overall it was a great experience to know me better and see the goals that I want to work on. Thank you again.

Dora Bodnar

Great person, soothing energy, and experienced, gentle soul, who most importantly helped me unblock myself so I can reach my higher spiritual potential and goals.

Brian Wong Varon

So there's still this thing in a society where healing practice/spiritual quest is considered mystics? Well, I want to change that!! Healing and spirituality are about YOU. Knowing who you are and where you come from.

I want to share the works of my beautiful friend Kitija KlēraPowerful Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy now in Athens in which I was lucky enough to sit in her presence to explore my past.

The results were... well, transformative least to say. Claire has her divine ways to comfort you with her warm soul, and I was able to reconnect with my inner self and get the answers (about A LOT of things) I asked for from myself. It was pure bliss to feel the love and connection to the Universe..!

Healing is necessary for this crucial time on this planet and just so people become more aware; *take self-love seriously*. Knowing yourself, seeing yourself as who you are, and accepting the healing to take place, is the first step towards self-care and self-love.

Just thought some of you might need to hear this to see the beauty in you. To move forward.

I hope Claire can be the guide to some of you out there and my gratitude to you, Claire.

Elisa Kephart

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David Holis

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